White Mirror (Psychologist)

This is journal-type stuff I wrote before I left for Jamaica & then what I wrote since I’ve been back:

November 6, 2021


The word “Melissa” in greek means “honey bee”. Melissa is also a medicinal herb known as “Melissa oficianalis” (or “lemon balm” as an essential oil).

Bees are like helicopters in the multidirectional ways they approach flowers. They pile huge loads of pollen that resemble luggage and tote it around on their back feet. They don’t seem to think. They just exist. Bees just be bees. Bees just be. What a glorious existence. Are the conscious? Conscious of what? Being a bee? Likely not. They move from flower to flower and then back to the hive. They only get upset when they’re distracted from their purpose.

Are all creatures like that? Perhaps.

If the human mind is, according to French-Canadian Būdist psychologist Evan Thompkins, social, ethical and relational, then bees must also have mind. Humans like to glorify the human existence, but is it so different from bees? Meditation teaches how not to be reactive, but doesn’t that go against nature? How is reacting to a stimulus non-social, non-ethical, or non-relational? The paradigm in Tricycle magazine’s feature on Thompkins presented a paradigm regarding the complexities of good/ bad, claiming that the dichotomy is an illusion. Nothing is that simple. Every person-place-thing is more like this:





The two that confuse dichotomous thinking are Healthy-Negative and Unhealthy-Positive. All four lend to the notion that every person-place-thing is temporary and dependent on a nexus of causes and conditions. The adage that “practice makes the master” involves going against nature, which is determined by one’s surroundings and utterly reactionary. There is a glass of wine and a pack of cigarettes in this room. The adage “everything in moderation to include moderation” and “nobody likes a quitter” have been excuses for indulging in Unhealthy-Negative moments that became a chain of events having little to do with mastery and nothing to do with practice. The excuses came from attachments to a phone and a dog and those attachments came from lack of awareness and obsession with ego and connections that were not well-researched. Earlier donned in black, and now donned in logos, the essence of being changed with the donning. All black drew little attention and then the excuses began. It’s warm. Bright. No sleeves and a hat would be better? The feeling changed, which lent to a change in behavior. Singing is a form of fear, whereas the adage “silence is golden” has no ego. Then came the feeling of being watched and discussed, which may or may not be the case, regardless the environment changed when the feeling of ‘unsatisfactory” took over. While no sleeves and a hat might be positive, the result felt unhealthy instead of the desired outcome. Then came the wine. Then, thankfully, the writing, yet the desire for a cigarette is strong now that there is no internet connection and doubt about decisions made before the signal went dead. Historically, writing has been Healthy-Positive. Right now it feels Healthy-Negative because, while it keeps hands away from cigarettes, it involves being inside instead of out, and perhaps tending to an ego that is ultimately a delusion.

Who is this treatise to? Will it be published or is it merely an exercise of hungry ghosts who needed to be exorcised long ago? Is the writing futile? How can it be less like a reaction and more volitional? It takes 10,000 hours to master a habit. It has been much longer than 10,000 hours since typing on a keyboard was a habit. It’s difficult to ascertain which habit is longer, typing or not typing. Likely the latter. Typing is a privilege of the affluent. It has nothing to do with “deserve” and everything to do with luck. There is potential in kinetic energy, which is exactly what typing is. So is eating and smoking and drinking wine. Each has the potential to sustain kinetic energy. When the typing stopped, the thoughts raced to dark possibilities that have become habit thanks to non-volitional action and circumstance. If this treatise is to anyone, it is a testament to the present (conditional) moment. Will it be published? That depends on a nexus of causes and conditions.

The concept of paranoia stems from ego; the notion that one can control what happens by fantasizing about the horrific as if one can prepare. It is a product of non-volitional actions. There are far too many possibilities, and while one can, with analysis determine probability, paranoia does not stem from logic. Logic is not fear-based, while paranoia is exactly that. Logic is founded in math, which is a form of love, or divinity. It involves faith in knowing that every person-place-thing is higher than the delusion of the concretized self, which does not exist except in delusion (or paranoia). Control is an illusion and does not equate to order, although the two get conflated in many a western paradigm, hence he feeling of “someone is coming to get me/ something horrific is about to happen” when that cannot be known.

November 7, 2021


Not everyone dreams? Not everyone dreams every night? Not everyone remembers their dreams? What are dreams? Where do we go when we dream? What is the difference between a lucid and non-lucid dream?

Dreams, according to Būdist psychology, have no greater or lesser significance than other forms of consciousness to include the above questions and their answers — empty, so to speak, of value. They have no intrinsic value or nature. They can elicit emotions of all sorts, however the emotions, like the dreams themselves, devoid of meaning. The way to be free of projecting significance onto these modes of thought and emotion is to have “correct understanding” about their nature, which is that they are also subject to change. Whether the body is participating in modes of consciousness or not is irrelevant to their meaning. The body is merely a vessel for fluctuating states of consciousness.

November 9, Taco Tuesday, 2021


A wise woman once said: Everything in moderation to include moderation. Such a lovely sentiment that dovetails nicely with the concept of “covert ops”, something that’s been going on for quite some time. Homelessness involves a certain amount of go-alongery that one would not be subjected to with the option of retreat to a shelter. As valuable as a dog may seem in such a case, especially for a woman on the streets, the dog not only draws attention, but without a propensity for maternal behavior the woman, having little interest in restricting the dog from being anything but free to be a dog, runs the risk of incurring attitudes of violence from human animals who, despite being ostracized from the sheep, retain sheep-like tendencies in the interest of self-preservation regardless of “fringe status”. Non-conformist attitude meshes well with nothing. There is no moderation of non-conformity, thanks to the concept of “norm”. The non-conformist is, by nature, in a constant state of extremes. ‘Oh, yea. You blend”, chides a leather-clad Marisa Tomei to the leather NY unicorn in SmallTown USA.

Where was My Cousin Vinny on July 28, 2019? Not in Palmer Township. Oh? You wanna take your shirt off in our jail? Then you obviously don’t deserve respect, do you? Nor a phone call. That only happens in the movies, sweetheart. Off to County you go! How many days? Weeks? Months? YEARS later? A pandemic. Rapes. Assault. Chronic homelessness. SEVEN ARRESTS within the year. All for looking at the current social climate as utterly restrictive, inhumane, and therefore IMMORAL. How is the striker of women, children and cars in the right and the woman who teaches children and writes about justified revenge instead of committing the actual violence the unicorn? Yes, Cousin Vinny. Utterly rhetorical much like the boot-stomping of the biological clock and the slamming of the snooze by the topless woman who got thrown into County. Still no Cousin Vinny, but one can hope.

Everyone is living in one’s own movie. Everyone is the star of their own movie. Long-haired leaping gnomes galore. All doing the best imitation of what? The non-star of the movie? What is the motivation to be the leather-clad unicorn? The unicorn is not self-aware. That’s what makes a unicorn a unicorn. Planet Unicorn, HEYYYYYYY. This is just a B-Movie starring Ronald Raygun. Still life. Santa Barbara-style fully equipped with equine misogyny, yet apparently hating men is “modern” and not anything like misogyny. Haters gonna hate regardless of the equipment. Lovers gonna love. Players gonna play. Crushers gonna crush. Who rides off into the sunset? The horse you rode in on. Whoever that is. Is getting tired of your shit. Wants you to call your friends and pack your shit. You’re for real? Nobody cares. This isn’t a drama. It’s a comedy. Tits are great. Not weapons of mass-destruction. Well, it depends on the star of the B-Movie. If the star is a racist behind an American Airlines counter in CLT, then CALL THE NATIONAL GUARD. How does that movie end?

Stay tuned, True Believers. The Restorative Justice League never rests…

November 10, 2021


How is karma like stupidity? Karma simply means action. Volitional action might be a little stupid at times. The road to hell (is other people) & is also paved with good intentions. Do other people = good intentions? If stupidity bears witness, then yes. Take your average walk on the wild side known as social media. Anything worth its weight in salt says that other people have nothing to do with who you are or what you do unless you let them, so? Ignore them. Listen to your inner judge, which will not ever be has harsh as Black Mirror, will it?

Recently in a “safety first” purge all the YouTube vids got hidden, but before they did, YouTube somehow grabbed the content of one claiming the immune system will protect against COVID. The vid was removed because it was deemed misleading and went against the CDC. Whoa. Firstly, science may have a system of proofs, however the last thing science is? PERFECT. Math is perfect. There are perfect and imperfect numbers. Math itself is perfect and is a part of an imperfect thing we call science. Just today this mantra got edited (just like science can always be edited with new knowledge) and this mantra had not been edited in years:

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”

- Eleanor Rōsevelt

… because…

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”


“Fear is lack of faith.”

- Unknown

“Faith = Love.”

- Unknown

“Love = DOG spelled backwards = MATH = PHYSICS”

- Melissa BeeLove

… sometimes with the caveat that science does not = MATH or PHYSICS…

Today’s revelation is that FEAR is the opposite of MATH. Whaaaaa? Well, perhaps you’ve heard that hate is the opposite of love, and heard that be corrected because hate, anger, rage, blame, etc., are byproducts of fear. Understanding the intimate interconnectedness of things means there is no REASON for FEAR and REASON = MATH = LOGIC. It’s been said that people who claim everything happens for a reason aren’t using REASON. Every single person-place-thing happens due to a nexus of causes and conditions. Never for A reason, but for myriad reasonS that are INFINITE. Karma is a form of MATH and if one focuses on the ten-thousand things (an arbitrary number used in Daoist psychology to mean “an epic shit ton of ‘things’”), then the one begets the ten-thousand things because the one is not ever alone. Hence the need for focus, which means to be clear in one’s social, ethical, and relational interactions. This means that karma had best be volitional action or MATH is “too difficult”, which is crap. MATH is MATH. It takes focus, not some special gift that belongs to others. Ready for how one understands MATH?


The human brain and mind are complexities. Neither is a singularity because both interact by expanding (addition) and contracting (subtraction). By isolating the variable known as the prefrontal cortex (also known as one’s third eye, intimately connected to your brown eye, which means that taking a healthy shit is just as important an exorcise as the exercise of meditation), one can observe through this isolated variable the other variables and label them: memory, planning, grief, desire, etc., and this is MATH. You’ve heard we are created in DOG spelled backward’s image? Perfection. Math. No more or less than the infinite possibilities in any given moment. Complex. Not one. One-ness, yes. Almost as soon as there’s a one, there’s also the ten-thousand things (infinity) or PERFECTION that is in a constant state of flux.

Wow. That must’ve hurt to assimilate. Are you giggling yet? Remember the only thing constant is CHANGE.

Black Mirror is a genius of a show. It caused quite the ripple, eh? The Butterfly Effect, Chaos Theory, Būdist psychology, Indra’s Net are all ways of viewing how the tiniest event effects all other events in every dimension of space-time. Black Mirror resembles Kalī Mā, the “Goddess” who destroys ego, depicted with blue-black skin & a necklace made of skulls. Reap what you sow. Did anyone else share that experience? The years following the advent of Black Mirror were horrific as COVID bears witness. SO much controversy. So much darkness. So much polarity. It turned the health care system back into a class system, eh? In-group vs. Out-group. Is anyone right? How about “correct”, which is a MATH term having little to do with morality, which is utterly subjective. In California one who refuses to get vaccinated suffers from VHO because one is not caring enough about what others think. That is in utter opposition to teachings about confidence and definitely in opposition to trusting one’s immune system has one’s back. The body has instincts and meditation affords the ability to cater to the wisdom of human instinct. Other people instinctively could not care less about whether YOU live or die. The song Just Breathe does a romantic job of explaining how lucky one is if another ONE looks out for any ONE but number ONE. If one is being an asshole about whether or not one is wearing a mask or is vaccinated, then isn’t it impossible to care whether or not that ONE lives or dies? Who wants assholes to live? Isn’t the expression “Live and let live”? Another expression is “Mind YOUR own business”. If you haven’t seen the inside of a cadaver, please seek one out. It might give you the newfound respect for how complex your own insides are, and how YOUR insides are way more than plenty to focus on. Begin within. Try peace. It was refreshing to walk into WalMart in Missouri (the Show Me State) and have the greeter say, “I can’t tell you what to do”, and said it with a smile. Nothing like the passive-aggressive mask-wearers and vaccine card-carriers who are also COVID carriers and don’t want to admit that to themselves. One of many things that got buried since the pandemic was the vid of the physician who went before congress and stated that masks were more of a hindrance than help. Everyone seems to forget fifth grade science class where we must exchange air with PLANTS. Pretty sure that didn’t mean dead cotton fiber. We can ignore the fact that whether one is vaccinated or not one can still contract COVID. Ostrich Syndrome, a.k.a. confirmation bias, is a thing. Black Mirror is guilty of lying to you on the regular, isn’t it? Google is not a physician and neither is Trump or Biden or Xi or Putin or or or. You know what won’t lie to you? Meditation. It’s a form of MATH.

My darling friend in Hawaii sent me this reminder today: Prayer means asking for something & meditation means listening to everything. Relax. Exist. Know. BLISS is this: NOW. Not later.

November 14, 2021


Who has my back? Freedom Warriors Of The Light. I never wanted anything but peace. Not pieces of my ass stuck to the dicks of peckers with no balls. It’s a mis-take to get angry in public:

1) Nobody gives a shit & you’re simply a side-show for the privileged,

2) People forget because it was an eminence front (a put-on) without a back &

3) It ain’t over till it’s over & karma takes care of everything to include anger (which is a gift).

The basic quote was that they’re all about freedom up there. That’s what I needed to hear. Now is the time for rest & planning. They are not mutually exclusive. This morning was spent in bliss thanks to Benadryl, dreams that make sense (vortex), having a drama-free forward direction, but most of all, asking the heavy 2021 questions:

Does it matter where you die?

Do you care how I die?

Reflection goes both ways. The coolest answers to the first question came from a surfer girl:

“I don’t know.

Maybe it’s individual? I know I wouldn’t want to die in a hospital.

Or alone.

But I think when it’s actively happening…maybe it didn’t matter anymore. People just want to go.


Even if they aren’t ready…ugh. So glad I don’t work in the hospital anymore.

I saw some really sad stuff with covid.”

(“COVID” autocorrects to “cover”.)

Who cares how I die? Those answers were interesting… so telling… grateful to the ancestors for giving the best questions… still getting over their sense of humor with the 2019 question: “How am I out of alignment with the universe?”

November 18, 2021


Wikipedia offers the following questions regarding restorative justice:

  1. Who has been hurt?
  2. What are their needs?
  3. Whose obligations are these?
  4. What are the causes?
  5. Who has a stake in the situation?
  6. What is the appropriate process to involve stakeholders in an effort to address causes and put things right?

#2: safe housing & an ability to generate income.

#3: BC, The RF (particularly JR), SMJ, MFJ & GGJ, CC, EG, GMU.

#4: BC — being a sex slave, caring for TC’s & BC’s children & tending to BC’s daily expectations

JR — tending to JR’s daily expectations & providing mediation for the RF

SMJ, MFJ & GGJ — being a sex slave, tending to daily expectations to include restoring property among other personal assistant tasks

CC — being a sex slave, rehabilitating DC & tending to daily expectations to include housewife duties

EG — tending to daily expectations to include live-in chef, interior decorator, personal assistant

GMU — enrolling in a non-terminal master’s & being encouraged to leave by my advisor; sexual harassment

#5: the writer

#6: mediation, which is a veritable impossibility except in the case of GMU.

Why is #6 a veritable impossibility? Because no one owes anyone anything. No one can force anyone to make restitution in any way without threat of incarceration. No one wants to talk a mile in the writer’s moccasins & frankly, the writer wouldn’t want that. While there are no regrets, the past few years have been horrific lessons in self-preservation. Letting go of the reins was… wait… that wasn’t what happened… or was it? What happened in May of 2019 was not letting go of the reins. It was pulling off to the side of the road to let the horses rest. The attempt to get back into the coach proved near-lethal… the jury is still out. How, NC, is trespassing & harassment punishable by death? Wow. Classy.

Here are the questions from traditional criminal justice:

  1. What laws have been broken?
  2. Who did it?
  3. What do the offender(s) deserve?

#1: “Thou shalt not harass” & “No trespassing” are not laws, are they? They are ordinances, are they not? The land was commercially zoned and there was property to be retrieved, or at the very least, the circumstances negotiated. There was no violence.

#2: No one did anything to harm anyone. Frustration expressed at a lack of understanding is not illegal.

#3: A month in solitary, homelessness, rape, assault, everything stolen, terrorized by gangs? Or mediation & an on-ramp to a new home?

How is it that one must spend the beginning of one’s life paying for someone else’s investment while trying to save for one’s own investment?

August 1, 2022


Had no idea I’d go to Jamaica when I last wrote. Shit. I was in Missouri staying with a Hells Angel, who was enlightening to say the least. Now I’m back from Jamaica where I took a position so that I might save money (???). The woman who hired me basically turned me over to a local witch who threatened me, never checking on the situation once. Admitting they owe me money. Never paying me a dime. Ran into the dude whom I replaced & let me know he had the sweet house by the sea and was PAID. I have volumes more education & experience than this man. The gardener who had a crush on me offered to house me since I was being threatened. One of the locals discovered where I was staying and threatened to put me in a well. Somehow I escaped that situation & made it to Kingston where one of the guests who is part-owner of a duty free shop let me use her iPhone so that I might have access to my bank account & get an AirBnB to stay and heal until my visa ran out. The day before I was supposed to leave I was assaulted by two different men. One was living in the complex where I was staying and the manager of the AirBnB insisted I go to the police. I was issued a court date that never happened. Missed my flight. Hoped to stick around for the court date & when that didn’t happen I rented an apartment to escape the abusive movie producer who kept me in a weird dick prison where oral sex cannot happen for me, but for him it’s totally okay? I just wanted to help write the sequel for the film this dude did about cocaine in Portland Parish… what they call cocaine is actually crack (that’s how they consume it) & the local witch is a crack dealer who tried to ruin my reputation by claiming I’m a crackhead because I said I’d done (not smoked) cocaine. The witch’s life goes on because everyone knows everyone in Portland Parish & I’m the White Mirror for all their fkry (my fave Jamaican word).

Now I owe the federal government $1300 for an emergency plane ticket bought months later after being assaulted AGAIN, this time by one of Jamaica’s own DanceHall artists. Fuck You, Melissa Jones. Go back to that “safe” country you came from. The one where you were gang-raped as a teen & the government still covers that up. Why should the Jamaican government be any different? Remember that Melissa means “honey bee”? Well, it also translates as “honey bird”, which is Jamaica’s National Bird… is that Melissa Jones? Pretty sure YES, because Jamaica is Jonesin’ 4 sweetness… isn’t it? Well, I’m Jonesin’ 4 JUSTICE.

Tomorrow is Taco Tuesday. Jamexican? Nope. I’m heading to get my food stamps back. My birthday was on Taco Tuesday this year…fortunately I got a ride from the airport straight to Goleta Tacos. No fish or shrimp left:( but tacos are tacos, especially in California… no more jerk pork or ackee…

My friend called me yesterday to tell me the police murdered one of the guys in the video on Unity & Fighting Crime. Heard the 14 shots. Saw a perforated human being. Can’t make this shit up. Sure, Jamaica. It’s me. White Mirror. My friend mentions “clean hands — clean heart” & sometimes I think those phrases generate frustration rather than acceptance that I can hear in the poor Rasta’s voice. This friend is, without a doubt, Rasta (to include refusing to kiss Queen PumPum, which is not inherently Rastafari at all, yet so many refuse to perform this delightful service as if it means an unclean heart?). I call this friend RastaFarmEYE because this Rasta took a settlement & made it into a sustainable farm. I keep encouraging live music performance & mentioned hosting events on the land… this idea met with reluctance because of the “sacred” nature of farming (not wanting to invite any vibes but good ones)…

Fear = Lack Of Faith

I’ve been claiming that it’s easier to go from Rasta to Būda than Būda to Rasta, but perhaps not? Rastafari holds beliefs that leave very little wiggle room when it comes to many things Būdist thought embraces as being “empty” of intrinsic nature (such as same sex relations for men, which is frowned upon for Jamaican Rastas, yet they gladly hand a woman over to another to avoid “sucking pumpum”). The dynamics of mind science have little to do with claiming legitimacy for Ethiopia regarding the lineage of Solomon… however knowing about Selassie and reading the speeches definitely made for an awakening (the word “Būda” means “awakened one” — think: BUD like flower). There is a hunger for wisdom in “The States” & an understandable amount of disdain for the self-righteous christians who don’t know about the Kebra Nagast. Pretty sure there isn’t a single “American” Christian who believes Protestant “divine providence” means Elizabeth is somehow holy. How did those Selassie speeches get so buried in history??? There are generations of sleepy Christians who don’t realize that Ras Tafari was a man who is thought to be The Second Coming Of Christ thanks to David II being Solomon’s firstborn son by Sheba, Empress Of Ethiopia. How does this matter? Well, so many are waiting for something that supposedly already happened. Imagine what adopting this new belief does! Shoves everyone into the present because Heaven, like Tolstoy claimed, is WITHIN & Hell is totes Other People like Sartre purported. All the pieces FIT when Selassie is recognized as the legitimate heir to the Biblical throne. Rastafari embrace Jesus & Jesus’ message. Why can’t we all get along?

Amazing Grace. Turn the ship around. Just do it.

I forgot to mention this Rasta Empress who was a guest where I was teaching told me I’m not a real African because Arabs are the ones who, post-WWII wanted “caucasian” on the race list so that we could blend in with white people and avoid racism. This woman is from Kingston and was educated at Georgetown University. Can you say “privilege”? Did I break it to this overeducated Rasta that being “caucasian” didn’t save me from the CYO rape ritual that went on across the Potomac? Nope. Did I mention that the Saint Thomas Indian Catholic who took me in after I was let out of jail also went to Georgetown & also did everything possible to ruin my life because I wouldn’t be a sex & labor slave? Nope. I did, however, mention that I was a long-time victim of human trafficking & that changed the tone. The classes after that were quite different.

There was a racist musician who shot nasty looks… again because I am White Mirror. This woman was going thru a divorce & it seemed so obvious that this woman had no business being married to a man in the first place. How is it my fault that people are with the wrong people? This woman made it abundantly clear that I was somehow an enemy, although this woman’s sister did not show the same disrespect…

I don’t demonstrate when I teach postural yoga because I’ve been studying this stuff for over 20 years. Yoga is a meditative school. One of six. It isn’t my job to coerce people into imitating pretzel poses. That’s a recipe for injury. I teach from the back of the room so that people get into their inner teacher. I also do this so that they can stop relying on their eyesight and get more into the other senses, which is the freaking point of meditation. (Are you tracking how advanced my teachings are?) As soon as the witch called in another teacher everything changed and not for the better. There was a mother & daughter there and the mother had never taken a class. Three days & flexibility was amazing… one day with another teacher and all the listening training went out the window. It was so sad. No one noticed but I…

Heart breaking as I type this… lucky to be alive… wicked creatures…

I’ve been with COVID on a couch for over a week reading The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe & Peace Is Every Step. Now I’m sitting across from someone who is lighting up “black”, listening to cartoons & sucking down creamsicles. Genius artist. We are not so different. I figure I must be good company in some weird way. I am one of the most accepting people I know & this isn’t the first time this same human has plopped down perhaps ISO a witness? Not afraid of COVID. Same human started using the sewing machine around 4am.

Where’s my home? Where the heart is? Where is that, exactly? My chest? Or everywhere?

August 2, 2022


The nasty shit I’ve put in this temple. Chris woke I @ 3ish AM with eggs & pulled pork. I guess Jamexican wasn’t so far off after all. Whenever I eat meat it affects my mood. George came by & asked about the tiger’s eye. Again. This time I gave that junkie a piece of history: family ring that’s priceless? Where’s that? Dude tucked tail & passed out outside. I was hoping death came because enough. Then began ruminating about the junkies who picked at everything left after Jimi. Some solace in listening to people complain about Michelle. Ming was correct: people fall on their own swords all the time. I sure did. Every venomous thing that came from my fingers or lips came back tenfold at that tent hell…

I tossed this coin so many times looking for decisions & here they are: Go to Oregon this month, not by air, & do not buy a bag because the ancestors will provide. The reason I grabbed the writing was because I had an urge to hit Panama City instead. (Let’s flip… still Oregon.) Plan ahead but go with the flow. Maybe Oregon is just a visit? Where is the I Ching when I need it? The flip says it’s a stay & not a visit. I’d make a great Oregon-Ion. The Pac Northwest is I fave. Love the lush forests. The flip just said “coast” & not Eugene. I need the new. Coos Bay? It said this month… maybe there’s a settlement somewhere in my not-so-distant future? JAH knows it’s dueAF. The coin just said “no Marcel”. The coin can say whatever it wants… JAH & the ancestors are in charge…

Came up with a new moniker & it’s perfect. Time to get rid of all the old… here’s the meme:

Your new life is going to cost you your old one.

Here goes. Time to podcast-up. Time to brand. Time to pour it all out. New everything. Do not touch the money. Allow it to accumulate. Hitchhike in a turban. Trust in JAH & tie the camel. Disappear. Nothing about any of that sounds like something I want to do right now. Stability. UCSB. IV. The students will love I. There is luck coming quickly. Be patient. What would Nanī do? Catch bullets with butt cheeks?

It will take an entire day to put out an hour’s worth of material. I didn’t realize that until today. This is what patience is teaching I. An artist I am. A writer. A performer. Always have been since a little I. JAH & ancestors gave I this earth-changing voice (!!!) and it is not utilized thanks to all the fkry. RastaFarmEYE begged I not to stop singing Amazing Grace ever. There is not a single race of people that hasn’t suffered in some way (except the blonde blue-eyed ones). Anyone brown or black is not in competition. Actually, some Eastern Europeans suffer at the hands of many a cruel leader. People suffer. Yellow. Brown. White. Black. Blue. Green. Red.

OneBlood. Rainbow. LSD. Empressive.



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Būdist Psychologist ~ Hermeneutics. Indian/ Chinese/ Judahist/ Rastafari-infused Philosophies. ☠️ Write Drunk. Edit Sober. ~E.H.