Trivial Religious Pursuits — Part Two

Difficult 2 spot a trafficker when your parents were the first… (it’s complicated, isn’t it?) How does one get past the desire 2 run around naked like a free child? After getting arrested multiple times in 2019 (shortly after receiving my master’s in psychology) for what I call “tittie terrorism” I decided 2 run for POTUS using the moniker #topless4POTUS because WHOSE TITS ARE THEY?

Credit: My buddy on FB.

“‘Merica, Fuk YEA!” chants my laptop at my two new friends. That’s how we bonded: Trey & Matt. Here I am at George Mason University (GMU) taking an international negotiations class that’s WAY over my head. Just came from teaching ESL in Taiwan (2009) & wanted to learn cool shit about how 2 “be the sunlight in your universe”. Grandiosity? Yep. Totally own that. Roman Catholic upbringing. Gotta be like Jesús Cristo, eh? (Sans nails in the extremities.) GMU is my parents’ alma mater. Just wanted to do them proud. What a Jamaican MASHUP that was… fast-forward all the way to Pennsyltucky in 2019. Staying with one of those two friends who says to me, “The gears of justice grind slowly but finely”. Same dude who put the tassel on the cap RE: South Korea.

GMU isn’t super well-known. It was a Virgnina state school satellite campus for University of Virginia in the late ’60s — what surprised me when I arrived in Jamaica & spoke to one of the world’s leading experts in cryptocurrency is that GMU was not only the recruiting ground for the CIA, but the Original Graduates (O.G.) have children like me who develop grandiosity. Speaking of grandiosity, I am utterly convinced that I am the unofficial head of the CIA. How?

Turban? CHECK. PotLeaf belt buckle? CHECK. RastafarEYE? CHECK.
What, exactly, IS “agency”?

Those of us with a “liberal studies”, or “humanities” education are taught that “agency” is a sense of “free will” or “autonomy”. When I arrived in Jamaica there was a couple from Jersey staying at the guest house — magnificent couple: Ivy & Fred. “What does ‘agency’ mean?” Ivy’s response? WISDOM.

Wisdom is FEMININE (Sophia). The feminine principle in the Dao = CHAOS (masculine = ORDER). Whoa. Chaos + Order = CIA (mic drop).

Back 2 GMU… my parents are card-carrying GOPers who somehow sainted Ronald Ray-Gun (give this a listen):

Back 2 that classroom in Fairfax VA… or fast-forward 2 the head of the department putting a pervy hand on my knee, exclaiming how Californians understand (WHAAAA???)… this is how naïve human trafficking victims are. Raimundo Pannikar was at UCSB when Dr. Pervy was there. My second undergrad advisor had us read Pannikar & that’s when I fell in love with the idea of religious pluralism. My first undergrad advisor was my lover off & on for about five years. Dude totally waited until it was OBVIOUS. No hand on my knee in his office. Meanwhile, I tell the only woman on the faculty & this traitor to Islam has the NERVE to say Pervy is having marriage troubles. HOW IS THAT MY RESPONSIBILITY??? Back 2 my naïvety. Not a single professor at Cal Poly Humboldt was disrespectful or pervy or anything but pedagogical. The things I’ve learned about the male psyche definitely ground the notion of an inner Israel-Palestine in every man. Hence the grandiosity…

I’ve been saying to people at war outside themselves that if you’re Israel & your “enemy” is Palestine, then HOW DO U HUG IT OUT??? I’m open 2 all hugs — even from Dr. Pervy — everyone knows instinctly the difference between a lurk and warmth.

One KEY perception learned from my graduate advisor @ GMU is that belief is complete & knowledge is incomplete. 100% refinable. Used 2 pray as a kid. Rejected it as an adult 4 meditation. NEVER rejected MUSIC.

Meditation = Observation


Prayer = Slayer (of EGO)


Music = Stranger Than Fiction

Pre-human traffickers stealing & selling most of my shit…




(Stay tuned, true believers…)



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