Trivial Religious Pursuits — Part Three

The Neville Brothers are about as religious as it gets for me. Currently listening to the album Yellow Moon Will The Circile Be Unbroken & it never fails to move me. Gospel is like that. When that annoying “pandemic” began my own personal live had gone from “infinitely promising” to “utter traiwreck”, yet clamping down on our ability to feel live music (because nobody just hears it) withered our collective soul. Thankfully, the music scene returns & artists gracefully weathered the proximity storms with “couch tour”, something the Nevilles’ scene was already familiar with. Some are blessed with living IN a music city like New Orleans. For them, music gets aggressive when stifled by the man. The very walls vibrate with music’s need for human contact. When I ended up homeless back in Santa Barbara last year, made a beeline for the closest Baptist Church out of pure starvation for decent live music. Not that shit they play across the street from The Rescue Mission. MY Jesus got soul & souls. I was living on the streets when Brother Arthur joined the ancestors…

Unlearn. Unthink. The Road 2 JAH & H.I.M.

Having a default setting is key to any decent religious practice.

They say 10,000 hours makes the master. That’s 416 days. 59.52 weeks. 13.69 months. (For the record, & some of you remember records, when the Zen Master uses large numbers, it simply means “an epic fuckton of focus & determination”.)

Laundry on the line (in the sun along with the body-mind) prevents what? Obviously not memory loss!

(photo) FaceDiaperFascism

“Stay on topic, Melissa.” Hilarious on every level. Oh, how did the Nevilles come into my day? I’d never noticed “JAH” in the lyrics till this mourning of my perceptions.

I’d Rather Go Blind: What Would Isabella Think?

The Dock Of The Lake: Where is Jimi George Jones?

Take A Walk On The Wild Side: How do Ricky & I handle Pennsyltucky?

Music sees no color because music IS color.

My last car was named Nina Simone (black Tiguan)

Black Cocks In Jamaica (2 Include The Ghost Of Mine???)

El Ché & Ally Sheedy had a love child.

(photo) “I miss those planes.” Now that there’s a Ricky when there’s no interruption it messes with the flow?



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