Trivial Religious Pursuits — Part Five


AppleTV really wants I to watch this film. I cannot watch anymore. Same speeches. Grammar out the window. Used to be the prince rescues the princess. Now the princess rescues everyone? Cartoon Girls are the new Jesus? (I thought it was cheese.) Welcome to The Religion Of Heroine. If there’s no bad there cannot be a good. Not an ounce of logic to this narrative because these things don’t work that way.

I met this genius engineer back in January-ish who reminded everyone at the table yes, there’s the 01010101 binary that’s not everything — don’t forget the string (!!!) how true does that ring? Very for everyone because that is how reality works. I’ve been saying that concepts begin with a con & hadn’t heard anyone else say it that way until I was in Jamaica with Rastafari. The good/ bad dichotomy is a CON because nothing works that way. Not a popular way of thinking, is it? The string holds it all together. Makes every single person-place-thing multidimensional. How cool. Engineers rock.

A long time ago in a CONcept known as Virginia far far away from another CONcept known as Santa Barbara I worked with engineers. They make cubicles feel like a party. A handful of us CONspired & put an engineer’s motorcycle in the cubicle while dude was on a job (pre-internet boom), snapped a pic & emailed it. That was the fave prank & there were many others. Once I was driven home in a racy Acura by the fire engineer who explained there is nothing dangerous about speed as long as there’s no tailgating (unless, of course, you’re a race car driver). That goes against the CONcepts of “Speed Limit” & “Maximum Speed”. This kind of thinking is not only unpopular, it’s downright threatening to White Sheep. Much like Jimi George Jones being on a leash is in violation of second amendment rights & rites. Boy-O-Boy do the Karens hate any thinking outside their non-logical thinking.

Coolest mofo EVER & is totally sleeping with other people right now.

The religion of leashing one’s dog has invaded Kingston, Jamaica. There aren’t many, but give it time. If dog & “owner” are the binary, the leash ain’t the string fo-sho. When Jimi would run up to people they’d ask “Is this your dog?” I responded, “No. I’m Jimi’s person” because James chose I + I and the Santa Barbara County Karens disagree. Jimi & I were both punished for not being chained to one another. Wanna bet Jimi’s OWNER(S) don’t speak dog? A sheep dog herds sheep. How the f is that gonna happen on a leash? Every single time I see a dog attached to a human it hurts. I saw a beautiful big baby near Lazy Acres & “daddy” was “training” this elegant creature not to even look at a passerby. With food, nonetheless. Doesn’t that sound cruel? Not if you’re a Karen. How did the dog-human relationship agreement devolve to this? Dogs in Jamaica still wander the streets & some get hit because there is no relationship bond. That’s called a vibe, by the way. Or vYbZ that ideally are healthy & positive. Nobody asked Jimi for Jimi’s CONsent with this leash nonsense, did they? Wait. I did.

Back to Luck.

The randomizer was the cool part. When that was mentioned I thought, “COOL!” That’s what I was taught @ GMU. Luck is random much like everything else. We like to think we have CONtrol & there are way too many factors (to include the string) for any Karen (White Sheep) to be anything but annoying to the non-Karens. I’m pondering where the string is between the Karen & non-Karen… it’s called “polite” or “social etiquette” or a personal fave: “Political Correctness”. Everything about your reading this & I writing this is 100% as random as preferences that are neither good nor bad. It’s why I say I have two emotions: annoyed & everything else. RandomAF.

There are 23:44 minutes left in this film that I will likely watch, however at this point, there’s no mention of meditation (self*no-self*self). The only way to lose the dichotomous CONventions is to Be The String, eh? I once wrote an article about Jane Fonda & how gf had developed a meditation practice. So cool that morphed into a cartoon dragon… imagine how cool it is to be Jane Fonda as that character, what with all that glorious & non-glorious Hollyweird history…

Trying to find the article I wrote about Jane meditating & found this story instead about a headstand & a teenage skunk in Santa Barbara back before I finished grad school & then became homeless.

I wonder if the protagonist teaches meditation with the last 20 minutes of the film. Nah. That would melt Karen brains for sure & then how would they teach their children to think in black & white? I have an old “friend” who is in a doctoral program at UCSB. Dude is about as argumentative as it gets. Used to say that people shouldn’t wish “good luck” but “good consciousness”. Your wish ain’t anyone’s command anyway, dude. It’s just another platitude like all the rest. The best way to be as best as possible?

RE: concerts… “Did you really spend all that money to do something you could do in your living room?”

Stay tuned, True Believers… next religion is BDSM & an argument in favor of teaching it to (get this, Karens) children.



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