Trivial Religious Pursuits — Part Four

Lady Bey I-Deals

Currently listening to Lady Bey’s Renaissance where there’s a Lady Godiva on a silver stallion (reminiscent for I of Busta & Janet — Silver Emperor that Busta is… Jay-Z, I got preferences ;)… had an aversion to The Power Couple for many reasons that all went away when I was in Jamaica & watched a wild film about what it’s like to climb from the bottom & try to assimilate the small “business” owner only to get knockdd out. All anyone does with “messages” is project meaning onto them. The meaning I gleaned was that despite ideals about guns, people will always want them. I would imagine Lady Bey gives zero fucks about how many guns defend a queen. This is a concept I can wholeheatedly appreciate. I’m down with all of it. Just took a minute.

There’s the credit at the bottom, haters.

Digging this Break My Soul… esp. the Madonna remix because DUH. There are so many Empressives that deserve respect. What I didn’t like about Lady Bey was the same thing I let the jail guard have it about: The Blonde Tornado (fake blonde hair braids) & while I still feel the same, I also 100% approve of “covert ops”. Nobody knows how to appeal to the masses like Jay-Z hosting Lady Bey as The Empress Of Everything.

Ms. Lauryn Hill somehow sinned greatly (???) because there isn’t a single Marley doing what Jay-Z did with Lady Bey. Does this Power Couple “sell out”? (Listening to Church Girl & thinking of Doo Wop…) I saw vid of MLH in Jamaica & all I saw was disrespect & mis-understanding (not mis-education). “Whitey” comes to Jamaica & gets chastised, but when MLH shows up with an afro, the privilege is ignored… but only for so long. It always comes out in the wash.

What do I know? New shit all the time. Lady Day never had a chance. I have no idea what Lady Bey’s life was like pre-Jay-Z. Doesn’t matter, does it? A good King knows. The comparison I draw is between Jay-Z & misguided Igbo Tobe, whom I used to dig (on Tiny Desk). As The White Mirror (Psychologist) I don’t see Happy Fat. I see someone chained to babies reminiscent of that Bible Verse handed to me in jail: Luke 23:29. My good friend & former lover (a Togolese hottie) claims the Igbo are what’s wrong with Africa. How’s that for a claim??? My Igbo former fiance’s bestie tells I there’s an Igbo jockeying for prez… up against the Muslim who’s in bed with petroleum moguls. The ancestors suggested to I, Igbo Oracle, that The Reverend make peace with the local Imam prior to the last election. Dude didn’t even go to The River Goddess… why would I expect a more significant pilgrimage? I cannot help but wonder if Tobe visited The River Goddess in Hotlanta… is this man who used to feel soulful & now feels trite worthy of Fat? I was told to “unfollow”… I did & that doesn’t change the Long Game of the ancestors…

If Lady Bey is partnering with the likes of Grace Jones & Madonna, then I’m in. #OldSkool

The ancestors gifted I with the title “Igbo Oracle” & many other monikers that are incredibly appropriate. San Roberto (Nesta Marley) says many things to I. Right now I remember that Marlene Tosh was gifted to I in a bar in Papine only to mention that Rita Marley sabotaged many things (including Peter’s life) & San Roberto is waiting for Rita to “get up here and recognize the pain). In Jamaica, where I delivered spoken word relating to mining practices that starve Maroon children @ Sky Gallery that no one heard because the mic didn’t work, I also received a copy of the Kebra Nagast. A product of the ancestors (because everything is). Last night I slept in a room filled with meth (that I didn’t smoke) & anxieties (some of which belonged to I & others that come from King James)… On The Sabbath, a day I wanted to rest, Andy Dick showed up. Claimed I should be paying for dude’s company. I explained that I am the psychologist. The subtext is that former sitcom actors may claim to have more street value than a street psychologist, however the bullshit about helping a starving artist doesn’t bode well with the ancestors, does it? #IgboOracle

Someone might want to consider protecting Queen Andy Dick from Andy Dick. There’s a lot going on there… IFS comes to mind. Do I feel sorry for you, Mr. Dick? Do you feel sorry for me? ExACTly. Run along to the beach… take your empty promises with you.

Lady Bey claims “ AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM” & Igbo Oracle (I + I) agrees. #Rastafari PLEASE find a book and read Selassie’s speeches. The movement (not religion) of OneLove OneHeart OneBlood is still moving… Christians, pay attention. I am not waking anyone up anymore. EWE have to do that yourself…

“Imagine all sheep are black & nobody cares. Because everyone is a black sheep to someone.”



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