Narcissism is contagious?

A handsome & pretty human.

Ideally, college students learn to write without using first person pronouns, which makes college writing worthwhile. Its a marvelous way to come to terms with the fact that nobody is the center of any universe. Trauma makes this incredibly challenging, and according to western psychology, there is no one who feels more traumatized than the narcissist. Just ask one. Until you talk to the victim of a narcissist. How did the myth of someone falling in love with their own reflection — who wasn’t bothering anyone by doing so — become such a demonized character in this culture? How is what bothers people about Donald Trump the fact that Donald Trump is fond of Donald Trump, or is it because the people who are bothered are bothered by the fact that they’re not as fond of themselves as Donald Trump is of Donald Trump? The dude digs being rich and being president and getting attention. How would you like being rich and president and getting attention? Well, Eleanor Rōsevelt’s husband-son did. FDR did Fireside Chat via radio and did not discuss being FDR, being rich, being president, and had polio that hardly anyone knew about.

Did you know that NRA used to stand for National Recovery Administration?

How do WE recover the administrations? There are so many systems that WE have. Think about the 11 systems of the body: the cardiovascular, the digestive, the endocrine, the integumentary, the lymphatic, the muscular, the nervous, the reproductive, the respiratory, the skeletal, and the urinary.

The mind is not the brain, although the brain interacts with the mind, which is social, ethical, and relational (credit: Evan Thompson). The mind interacts with other systems to include the senses and the five we think of: smell, sight, sound, taste, and touch, smell is likely the one WE discount the most and lean on sight more than anything.

Relying predominantly on your sight is why TV and the internet are so effective. The social, ethical, and relational effects on you and WE are strong, yet feed a system that cripples the others: . The belief system is social, ethical, and relational, yet WE give more credence to one system over the other four. It’s how some people get deemed “crazy”, a form of “madness”, which basically means invalidated anger. “Crazy” simply means “not like your conventions” and conventions are often a CON. How can your belief system be in balance?

Try these beliefs on for fresh perspective, and after you read each one, close your eyes and use in any way that comes to “your” mind:

  1. The president is an appointed position and voting means nothing to anyone except the person or people who appoint the president and get to laugh at your votes because votes are simply a census of stupidity.
  2. The president has three jobs: Commander In Chief, CEO Of The Press (hence the secretary), and the third of a trifecta of checks and balances. This means the president operates much like the NFL, which is a nonprofit with an entertainment license (not a sporting license), which means . This means the president can cherry pick not just what you think is important, but . The more people who agree with you (confirmation bias), the more solidified you (not touch) in “your” belief system.
  3. The United States Government is a dynasty of Freemasons as military leaders and George Washington was appointed by a Native American woman after they hooked up. The Constitution was written. They’re all super proud of themselves, so here come The Amendments.
  4. Ah, The First Amendment. The National Rifle Association (NRA) likes to claim The Second Amendment means you are owed the ability to shoot things. After all, violation of The First Amendment used to be punishable by death, but is no longer enforced (if you trick someone, you cannot shoot them anymore — remember The Wild West where poker players could shoot a cheater?).
  5. The Second Amendment has multiple meanings (like orgasms). The Founding Fathers and the Native Americans and Imported Africans all wanted to be . (How about the freedom to be hairy?) OR, picture George Washington naked, standing over a bronze beauty who’s passed out from pleasure while ole’ George’s teeth are on the bedside table and there’s a powdered wig on the floor with a bracelet in it. George scratches a bald head and mutters, “I gotta write to Ben in Paris about this…” and Ben writes back, “Why do you think my hair is so scraggly?” The Rite/ Ritual to Remove Jewelry Before Orgasms Commence.
  6. The Third Amendment? Gf wants that in there because of the fish and relatives saying about house guests (both will start to stink after a few days — same with, and ).
  7. If you’re reading this, then The Fourth Amendment got violated. Every single device in your home violates your privacy because every single device robs you of the other four senses and, therefore of your social, ethical, and relational experiences with loved ones. Dammit!

How do WE finish sniffing around for “the truth”? Hopefully you get the idea. What WE believe is important because it dictates our behavior. “Your” belief system is not yours. It’s interactive. If you mostly interact with sight, then . “Sin” is an archery term meaning “to miss the mark”. The mark is not suffering or victimhood or misery or ME. The mark is the gift known as the present. If you want to deprogram what you believe about narcissism, then try this reflection belief challenge:

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the left eye is the eye of your mother’s ancestors and the right eye is the eye of your father’s ancestors. Go look in the mirror just like Narcissus looked into the water. Look into each eye with that belief about the soul and the ancestors in mind and “see” what social, ethical, and relational beliefs surface in “your” mind.



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