My brother called me Rush Limbaugh… (preferences)

“The way things ought to be.”

Yeyep… that be WE…

the people of the USK

KKarens are not GAY

and to the dismay

of most… the ghost…

in white sheets give treats

to their women and hate

when date-ed-U…

cate-ED sees no

COLORS as black

or white as less

than this chess

game played by the non-laid

and forget that…


is a preference.

how many Aryans

are carryin’

the stigma of stigmata when

most of them be down

with brown yet projects

have some logics

that fall short of the crown

that belongs on every

queen being seen

regargle-less of what swings

be it dingaling or two rings

so… a needle dick…

sometimes does the trick

not everyone wants ananda

from anaconda (!!!)

yes, brother… our “mother”

wanted a boy and had you

now the way things ought to be?

true… the bitch had an itch

to toss the cuntress

by removing the huntress

bee the cause

of preferences not laws

alone cuntress bee

not a queen to any…

warm body…

impossible to see…

the WEirdo in WE…

this bardo… glee?


what WE wants to be…

treated like pee?

ugly see

ugly do

a smack in the back

caused the crack

in this heart to


Saint Ex & The Little

Prince claims if you

know the true

heart of any

one is plenty to know

the concept of “enemy”


your wife has the boon

of “the little spoon”

something I had

but because of our dad…

it got weird.

please send me a beard (!!!)

playing one means fear

gets clawed out on my soul

so… YES… let GAY

be okay and let MEN

walk down all streets

not in sheets

but hand-in-hand

and let titties stand

because they’re so grand (!!!)

maybe one day…

every day…

will be GAY…

like the parades in WEHo

where “HO” is okay, bro…

and queens are the dreams

and everyone grow…S




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Būdist Psychologist ~ Hermeneutics. Indian/ Chinese/ Judahist/ Rastafari-infused Philosophies. ☠️ Write Drunk. Edit Sober. ~E.H.