How does the profit profit?

follow this lay-dee so gf get paid in more than gatorade…

why dis this notion of the potion in the ocean?

gatorade made me sated and related to the next

storm of form and fashion and compassion for the man

with the plan and the stand of religion to relink with the spirit

when re = do over and big =tie or bind and spirit = inspire

or expired novel ideas and ideals that one can transcend

to the end of the rope that too many hopes have hung from

one and done and they say success yourself and bless yourself

once and three times a lady grows up to be a child of G-D

like Saint Whitney at the end of the grade love with a SEA

of souls whose goals are to mold the past into the last thing we think

when wine would do the trick and puritans brink on the appetite

for destructive behavior that begins in the neighborhood

in Philadelphia where my friends see no end to their suffering

yet they miss the market strategy that lays claim to Luke 23:29

when Jesus Divine

who turned water to wine-O so we can go

eat more fishes and breads and WHO thinks the dead

don’t notice how many faces take places

that need food? (how rude!!!)

there not enough skulls with these gulls who eat trash

and spend cash on things that bring

nothing but sorrow for tomorrow and think that because

the bellies have fuzz that they don’t matter? Shatter

the notion that the potion must bring motion

within the skin of the womb that ends up as a tomb

one day when bloom is a flower and boom

is the population bomb that your mom and dad

had noticed… Otis is the one who knew it was fun to

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. and give praise to the days of the Lady

Franklin whose who’s Ben on the hundie for how long?

Adam was Jesus’ first name. but they spelled it WRONG.

A.T.O.M. split not the rib but the pit in Our Great Mother

the only other chalice that some dig at with malice instead

of wed-ding to Alice’s Restaurant… oh, how daunt-ing the sting

of the bee that’s a necessity to WE in every country tis of flora Y

fauna while you sit in your sauna that soon will be gone a

way down yonder, so continue to ponder your sins that begin within

the B-movie… Ray-Guns are not play guns they’re pointed at EWES

and at JEWS who are the IGBO of Our Great Mother who loves to

screw with us when we fuss over thinking WE have control when

the lack of ORDER in the mind-body CHAOS that just needs some…

deep-dickin’ but NONE of the babies being babies and thinking they maybe

can do it better than the ladies who came and took the cum with grace

instead of in the face of submission… this tradition of pigeons that dove

-tail nicely and shit on the roof of your car that is not by far what WE need

at a popular speed is to SLOW DOWN and hug do decrease the bug in the ear

of fear that screams NEED NOW not later when the gator is inside

and there’s nowhere to hide from the chiding that schools your inner fool

Genesis 21:10 says it AGAIN to the men who need sometimes say NO

to the boss who says RAPE so that Isaac can take home the bacon…?

ALL boys will be boys and fight till the noise gets to the brains of the insane

who complain when tantra means nothing fancy… means RESTRAIN

and don’t do AGAIN the sin that begins this whole mess… YES…

PRIDE is a deadly… and while the Chinese do what they please they only have

ONE OR NONE yet we have not begun to remove the critique and embrace

the unique notion of STEWARDSHIP… quips the prophet who does not profit

from these rhymes (maybe in time?) look around and care for what’s already

THERE in front of every BARE NAKED LADY who submits to the motion

of the oceans of sperm… will WE ever learn?



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Būdist Psychologist ~ Hermeneutics. Indian/ Chinese/ Judahist/ Rastafari-infused Philosophies. ☠️ Write Drunk. Edit Sober. ~E.H.