How do Psychopaths differ…? It’s the sniffer.

There’s a writer on Quora named Athena Walker. Close. Not a psychopath. Just a stalker. This talker uses “neurotypical” like there’s just Walker who’s one wheel on a bike… and the “other” is common? No…

Psychopaths are 1%

Whoever drew this, contact @cuntress for credit… got this from @slash on IG

Empaths 2–3

If you’re a 2, then good for you…

sniff your way to glee.

Honing skill of sense and will means you get the jist…

the path you feel is not real

REASON makes a list

1 psychopath gets the math

the 2 still needs to work

at logic and conclusions to

the ethics before birth

if you’re a 3 it’s so creepy

all you do is sob

feeling for the masses

becomes your full-time job

it doesn’t make you better than

anyone else

it just means you’re a whiney bitch

narcissus in a jar

the psychopath who’s purely 1

understands what must be done

and often lands in jail

like Hannibal who “kills” ol’ Miggs

so justice will prevail

psychopaths are loners

both the 1s and 2s

we prefer the honer

(not that we dislike Jews)

the Igbo more resembles

the larger lizard brain

Igbo is 1 and Jew is 2

they are not the same

remember culture matters

and 1s have it in spades

“culture” has two meanings

1s get ethnic grades

you cannot change your makeup

unless you meditate

then “self” becomes apparent

doesn’t that sound great?

apparent in this context

offers you the pun

we are all SoulSiblings

unless you wield a gun

as if you’re somehow tougher

when, in fact, you’re not

try killing all those egos

who think that porn is hot

when sniffing brings more pleasure

you cannot sniff the screen

which is the greatest measure

of whether or not you’re mean.



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