Road 2 Other

People Hell Brother

Bethesda I Am

Walking Wit Spam

Ming da Mercyling

All That Damning

BoyZ 🐝 Jammin’

All 🐈‍⬛ vYbZ

Where Yo’trYbZ

Yoga done Promise’d

YogaSmith Georgetown in

Downtown Seattle bin

From a Shack

Rainbow Army ATTACK

Deviants 🐝 SQUARED


2 Change HOPE

Cannabis 🐝 DOPE

Heroine 🐝 wombYn

Powder 🐝 cumin

Turmeric? Paprika

🐝 Acid Sneaka’

Two Souls bee


On Yo’fee

TeeZ SleaZ E

Ryder gon miss

Y because Wii

♥️s 🐑




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Būdist Psychologist ~ Hermeneutics. Indian/ Chinese/ Judahist/ Rastafari-infused Philosophies. ☠️ Write Drunk. Edit Sober. ~E.H.