Eat Raw Meat?

I Got A Story To Tell. One of my fave songs.

Credit: Notorious B.I.G.’s ancestors for giving that look ;)

My first boyfriend

in high school

was a fool

chose to dissssss…

told me this:

“Black men don’t

eat raw meat.”

that’s a lie.

Some black men

refuse to submit

to the legit

snuggly chick pie.

Beard = Saddle

with more control

for the role

of the soul

Ain’t fuckin’ witch…

A natural bitch…

What I learned

Lotsa Jamaicans squirmed

at the thought

of the naught

EEEEEEEE pumpum hot

& wet taut

around that missile…

YUM after cum

on the strings

of those things

pursed open lips

spawn grinding hips

don’t be dumb

founded by thumb

& finger twitch

shrimping that itch

can be scratched

not without attached

love that brings

songs that sing


I + I)

do not deny

Rastafari not lie

where in scripture

say JAH “no”?

JAH say “GO”

respect the Empress

who like impress

I + I

King right back…

get the picture?

Biggie Jamaican King

eat that thing?

Maybe go down

with the brown

not the black

regardless of stack…

Hagar the slave

Abraham the knave

Saraí get et?

JAH say “regret

no tribal act

just the fact:


It all comes

out in the

ends of times

beat the drums

believe in WE

sends the rhymes…



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Būdist Psychologist ~ Hermeneutics. Indian/ Chinese/ Judahist/ Rastafari-infused Philosophies. ☠️ Write Drunk. Edit Sober. ~E.H.