Fist-pumpin’ like a Blue Train. What does “minority” feel like? The science of “deviation from The Norm”. A psychopathic perspective of a budding genius in Santa Barbara.

I met Aaron Latham after spotting yin-spirited, RoyalAF, majestic energy on da (free no longer) bus in Santa Barbara. 🎧 in like flint… music for high & majestic ears… Pharrell-happy…

(Did U know that when one bears one’s teeth it’s a sign of fear? A fight sign that too close means bite for poke. No raw fish for U.)

Latham plays trumpet among other outlets & today the cello to decorate the abstract art that

Latham’s soul yinned all over the two canvases… Blue Train & Whiskey Burn.

Blue Train


speaks to Latham’s *native ancestry. A resident of 535 E. Yanonali in Santa Barbara, a venue not for Latham’s art, but for a native soul whose color fails to be recognized by The Constitution. Apparently Santa Barbararians struggle identifying with The Struggles of natives, because according to Latham, abstract art’s yin energy isn’t welcome in the landscaped stills of buyer’s preference. Plotting to move towards diversity, this homeless author-philosopher-singer encounters this lack of tolerance as hostile in yin’s very bones. Spinning with rage-filled dance, asked to photograph stills, no keys with which to outlet generational frustration, thumbs trumpet this note on an iPhone (for lack of ten)… wanting a steady stream of

Whiskey Burn


(the drink) that’s a barely suitable substitute for Qi-board or canvas, this piece invokes the adage “down wit da brown” drink & melanin that brought this writer to feel the splash of burning that comes from HealingJusticeSantaBarbara & Juneteenth SB. Latham carves @ the cello as this Church Of Art calls to its congregation “come, feast thine eyes & ears upon this soulful & melaninful & diverse diet.

*Blue turquoise is specifically Americas’ & green is Africas’.


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Būdist Psychologist ~ Hermeneutics. Indian/ Chinese/ Judahist/ Rastafari-infused Philosophies. ☠️ Write Drunk. Edit Sober. ~E.H.